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 Dojo TV and Dojo TV On Demand

A collection of live streaming from both our members and people we love to support

Join Dojo Senseis Luke Rain, RIP Kenny, and Tesko as they deep dive into producer and DJ discussions.

A chance for our members to get feedback from our Senseis, ill.Gates, and other special guests. 

An evening where a Dojo artist takes over Dojo TV with an interview, project walk-through, and a DJ set.

Another chance for our members to get some immediate feedback on their works in progress.

Replay the streams that highlight the awesome music of our members, the lessons from our senseis, and track feedback from ill.Gates!

The Producer Dojo SUmmit
2020 & 2021

A collection of video tutorials and live sets created and curated by our very own Producer Dojo Senseis!
The Producer Dojo Summit is our marquee event that showcases the best of everything the Dojo has to offer - growing as producers, dope music & a great community of beatmakers, songwriters and sound designers.

EDM livestream The Summit Producer Dojo
EDM livestream The Summit Producer Dojo
EDM livestream The Summit Producer Dojo
EDM livestream The Summit Producer Dojo


training, tools, and workshops every producer should have in their library

Learn EDM music production with iLL.Gates at Producer Dojo.


Inside experience with
Andrew Huang's hit series, 4 Producers.

Learn EDM music production with iLL.Gates at Producer Dojo.


Ever wish you could send a message to yourself in the past? What are you waiting for?

Join our electronic music label Producer Dojo.

Free Your Mind, Get Free Sounds

This is our way of giving back to the community and talking about things that are bigger than music.

Learn how to make edm with Producer Dojo.

 Breaking the barrier between sight & sound is critical for a clean mixdown

Learn mudpies and music with Producer Dojo edm production tutorials.

A groundbreaking sound design practice that changed how music is made

EDM production tutorials with Producer Dojo.

 Learn to identify and adopt patterns in music that you can't see yet


The ill.methodology: chapter 1

Get access to the first hour of the workshop that started it all.



Classes and training to help you master your craft and create the best music of your life

Become a DJ with Producer Dojo.


Learn how to turn ideas into songs and create compelling intros and outros using the elements you already have.  



The key to writing music quicker and more effectively is learning how workflow shapes your sounds.



Essential information you need to achieve the mixdown you've always wanted.



The Workshop that started it all. ill.Gates breaks it all down into a simple, proven, easy to understand set of steps.

Learn drum sound design with Producer Dojo music production tutorials.


An hour of ill.Gates' top techniques for masterful drum production and insider insight.

Learn how to make edm songs with Producer Dojo.


Learn how to make a hit with chart topping producers ill.Gates + KJ Sawka in a course that's dialed in and dialed up.

Online drum sound design music production course.

Whether you want to learn how to synthesize your own drums, get better at sampling and processing drums, or if you just want to learn how to make all of your separate drum sounds feel like a real kit, I've compiled this collection of videos specifically for drum sound design.

Online base sound design music production course.

From the top of the charts to the depths of the underground, BASS is the meat of a modern sound. While you can get away with using sample packs for other aspects you’re going to have a hard time standing out from the competition without the life changing bass sound design and mixing knowledge contained in this course.

Learn music production online with Producer Dojo tutorials.


Understanding how to think & hear like your heroes empowers you to be effortlessly original!
Recognize the things that are holding you back.

Learn music production online with Producer Dojo tutorials.


Considered a "must have" by many members in the Dojo. Learn the pro - workflows to make 4 different types of songs!

Learn music production online with Producer Dojo tutorials.


Over 10+ years training the best of the best,
ill.Gates perfected 12 addictive challenges that get you making music that works in 90 days!

Time flies as you sail past the learning curve...
(for beginners + above)


 coaching memberships

We use a combination of live classes & one-on-one personal training that ensures you're always moving forward

Coaching Memberships

Join the Class of 808 at Producer Dojo.

 what our community is saying

EDM production tutorials at Producer Dojo.
Drum Sound Design music production tutorials.
Music composition courses and tutorials.
Music workflow workshop online with iLL.Gates.
Ableton Music production courses online with Producer Dojo.
Music composition course online at Producer Dojo.


our incredible and multitalented instructors at producerdojo




Chomppa has been producing music of different genres for eight years- mostly bass music for the last two. But coming from a heavy piano/instrumental background he has plenty of experience in the melodic side of electronic music as well. He's been teaching production privately for the past two years and loves to help so many flourishing producers succeed. He can help you grow as an experimental bass producer and focus on adding creative, tasteful intention to your arrangements.

DAW(s): Ableton
Specialties: Sound Design (Operator, Wavetable, Resampling), Mixing, Arrangement/Song Structure, Workflow
New EDM artist 6th Street

6th street


Creating music for the lovers and the lost. 6TH STREET's latest EP "Neon District" hitting #1 in future bass, trap, electronica, and dubstep on Beatport and has rocked successful releases on the various labels, including the Producer Dojo, Artist Intelligence Agency (Hegemon Select), and 99L.


DAW(s): Ableton
Specialties: Chords and melodies, Vocals, Social Media and Branding

New EDM artist 6th Street

Future Twist


Future Twist are a duo of Alumni from the Class of 808 program, who came back to support the students of today. They focus on a blend of melodic yet heavy bass music, and keep up with all the hottest styles of electronic music today such as Colorbass. Since graduating from the Dojo, they’ve gone on to play in direct support slots for artists like Pixel Terror and Dr. Ozi, written collabs with artists who have headlined shows in their city, and signed music to multiple different labels. Their goal as mentors is to help students find their creative edge, where they can stand above the crowd through modern and innovative self-expression.

DAW(s): FL Studio, Ableton.
Specialties: Composition, Modern / Innovative sound design, Artistic intent, Brand Development.

New EDM music producer Cryptochronica



Cryptochronica is an Ableton Maestro who specializes in Composition, Arrangement, Mixing and Mastering, Layering and Detailing. Through demonstrating all the latest Ableton hacks and high-level functions, Cryptochronica's fast-paced, vital lessons will teach you speed, control, and fluency in the DAW.

DAW(s): Ableton
Specialties: Composition, Mixing, Workflow and Detailing

New EDM artist Illexxandra



Illexxandra’s producing and performing career covers a huge range of styles. She has released jungle and footwork tracks with Hospital Records, Black Marble Collective, and more. She has released glitch-hop and halftime tracks with Producer Dojo and Mallabel. Illexxandra co-founded the long-running Tropic of Bass party in DC and was a longtime resident at NYC’s breaks party Vitamin B. Illexxandra helps students clarify their intentions and distill their goals into repeatable methods. She has a background as a professional singer and studied music at Northwestern University and the Manhattan School of Music. In lessons, she covers everything from efficient basics to advanced mixing/mastering, sound design, artist psychology/philosophy, artistic identity, and DJ performance techniques.

DAW(s): Ableton
Specialties: Song structure, mixdowns, philosophical outlook

New EDM artist Spiderhound



Spiderhound has been producing music for 30 years and he wants you to learn from his mistakes so that you don’t have to endure what he did over the years. In addition to helping you with cutting edge music production, he can help you manage the psychological aspect of making music so that you can maintain a positive and healthy outlook while increasing your productivity and working towards your clearly defined SMART goals.

DAW(s): Ableton
Specialties: Workflow, Project Management, Mixing, DIY Mastering, Creative Hacks

New EDM music producer Moonsplatta



Moonsplatta used to be a physicist, now he makes and teaches music. He loves to talk about anything and everything from nerdy technical things like sound design and music theory to the more abstract like finding inspiration and developing workflow.


DAW(s): Ableton
Specialties: Sound Design, Modular Synthesis, Mixing, Arrangement

New EDM artist Trap Jesus

Luke Rain


Luke Rain has released bass tunes independently and through the Producer Dojo label, and as Trap Jesus he has produced rap and RnB records for up and coming indie acts Bingx, Sam Shoemaker, Wonderwish and more that total over 1 million streams on Spotify. He's an expert in Reason Studios and enjoys giving track feedback and teaching Dojo Ninjas about productive mindset and time saving tips, including library organization, sound palettes, mix templates and setting S.M.A.R.T. Goals.

DAW(s): Reason 11
Specialties: Workflow, Mindset, Productive Habits, Engineering and Arrangement

New EDM artist Daniel with the Balance



Much of Daniel's music is inspired by his spiritual awakening journey. He aims to help spread a message of unity, peace, and harmony through his music and empower others to do the same


DAW(s): Ableton, Logic (for recording and comping)
Specialties: Songwriting, Production, Creativity, Finding Your Sound & Brand

New EDM artist Tesko



Tesko loves teaching all levels, but he's extra passionate about leveling up the producer who knows their tools to freely express themselves in the DAW. However, his approach is not at all DAW-dependent and instead focused on understanding why/when to apply techniques - with that said, he can also deep dive into Ableton workflow and shortcuts!

DAW(s): Ableton
Specialties: Workflow, Mixing, Developing your own sound, Finishing

New EDM music producer Hexis



Hexis has dedicated the last 6 years to music production for both himself, and professional clients. Specializing in Arrangement, Mixing, and Style Development Hexis is always looking to improve both the technical skills and critical thinking of producers around him

DAW(s): Ableton
Joined: 4+
Specialties: Arrangement, Sound Design, Mixing, Style Development,





New EDM music producer Shadowstar



As a House and Techno producer, ShadowStar can teach you how to harness the FEELING of House music, and how to appreciate the full range of Techno. He likes to approach music as if he is an Audio Alchemist- to calibrate and create. He loves to share this concept with anyone that resonates. His goal is to link up with the people with who he can best serve as a guide to getting on the fast track of music production.
If you're the kind of student that is teachable and wants to work hard, he is here for YOU!

DAW(s): Ableton, (NI Maschine/Reason 12 coming soon)
Specialties: S.M.A.R.T Goals, Style Development, House/Techno Composition, Philosophy

New EDM music producer Shadowstar



DETØX has been featured by media outlets such as, electric hawk, Conscious Electronic and others while gaining support from well know producers in the industry. Known for his style of heavy and uplifting bass music, DETØX loves working with up and coming producers to make sure they get the knowledge needed to reach industry standard in today's competitive market and to find the quickest and easiest ways of getting what's inside, out. Art is one of the main ways we can heal from our past trauma and DETØX is dedicated to making sure you get exactly what you need out of your music experience and journey.


DAW(s): FL Studio
Specialties: Arrangement, Sound Design

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